about the radio show

The radio show first started out back in 1998. At the time there was no such thing as online streaming and the internet was a much different place than it used to be. Originally the show aired every Saturday night from 10pm-1am for a few years, then ended up on Thursday nights from at the same time before finding it's permanent place on Friday nights from 10pm-1am.

The show originally started off as a 3 hour show with the middle hour being an interview with a new band each week. However in 2018 I started to realize that fewer and fewer people were actually listening to the radio show itself. The demand was there through the input of the listeners for a talk show as opposed to a music show.

Instead of quitting the radio show I decided to cut it down to 2 hours so I could concentrate on "The Metal Command Podcast so as of now it airs on Friday night as it always has but it only airs from 10pm-Midnight. Ever since the 2020 pandemic the show has been pre-recorded and I have not gone live in the studio due to Covid 19. This will be the case in the near future for now.


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