february 2017 album of the month: kreator - "gods of violence "

Hey everyone,

So let me start this off by saying this new Kreator album is absolutely amazing. Easily one the best thrash metal albums of all time. It seems as the years have gone on that Kreator has been making better and better albums. The last album, "Phantom Antichrist" was a pretty good record. One of the best albums of the year when it came out.

For me, Kreator have always been a more of the middle of the road thrash metal band. Growing up I was never a big fan of them. Probably because they are so different than anyone else. Recently over the last few years however, I have become a big fan because I am a lot more open minded these days than I used to be. Plus the fact they have been putting out great releases made me go back and revisit their back catalog. .

Gods of Violence is such an amazing record. The songwriting is outstanding and the band sounds better than they ever have. Not to mention how much the production really brings out the agression and melody found in the songs. One bonus feature is the fact that the vinyl version of this album sounds equally as amazing. Whoever did the master onto vinyl did an absolutely amazing job because to these ears it sounds great!

Kreator was and still is such an important band in the history of thrash metal. While bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax are always the most recognized......Kreator was probably the most important thrash metal band to come out of the European metal scene. The fact they debuted at number 1 in the German charts just tells you how relevant they still are. I consider them the pioneer band for european thrash metal and one of the iconic legends in the genre despite the fact they never made it as big as some other bands.

If you like thrash, you cannot go wrong with this and it definitely deserves "Album of the Month!"

Kreator's Website : www.kreator-terrorzone.de

Tony Webster 2/28/2017

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