Retro album of the month: January 2015- Scanner "Hypertrace"

Hey everyone!

So I was thinking of what the first retro album of the year would be. Then I was reading online a little known German metal band called Scanner was putting out another new studio album. For a long time I had completely forgot about these guys. When I first started this show back in 1998 this was a band that I had just started listening to. In fact I liked all 4 of their albums at the time Hypertrace being my favorite because of the concept behind the album.

I picked Hypertrace because of the fact that I not only love this record, but "Across The Universe" was played on my first show that I ever did. I went back and listened to this album for the first time in probably 15 years. WOW, I couldn't believe how amazing this album still was! The songs are just awesome and the musicianship is also amazing. It's hard to believe that this band never took off but with the saturation of bands in the metal scene by this time it was easy to get overlooked.

Scanner was one of those bands that put out quality music and good albums but never really recieved the recognition they deserved. Back when their debut came out there were so many heavy metal bands out there making records that it was harder for lesser knwon metal bands to really make a name for themselves. This is one of those bands that I felt was overlooked back then and still is today.

One thing is for sure, this record still stands the test of time. When listening to this again I was once again blown away by the excellent musicianship and hearing one song they posted on youtube for the upcoming album has me really looking forward to their new one. Although this album isn't that well known outside of say, Germany or in has legendary status with me and I suggest if you love power metal to pick it up!

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-Tony Webster 1/31/2015

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