2013 - march's album of the month - teramaze - "esoteric symbolism "

Hey everyone,

SO here we are, 3 months into the year already and so far there have been several kickass new releases put out so far by some really great bands. As you know for the last few years I have been a really big fan of prog metal bands, hell I even sing in one so why wouldn't be into some killer prog metal bands?

Anytime I give this monthly award out it's for a pretty special album that really deserves the spotlight. This time it's a little known prog metal band from Austrailia called Teramaze. As you know this award isn't for the most popular band out there, I don't get paid for this, I have no corporate sponsors this is done from the heart. It's all about the music, the emotion, the connection to it for me and it's all about bringing something into the spotlight that I HONESTLY feel is awesome and should get the recognition despite it being a popular band or one that nobody knows about. So to me the music is what matters for this award nothing more nothing less.


I first heard of Teramaze back in 2012 when they released their debut album Anhedonia. I was completely blown away by this album and honestly I never knew where they were from at the time. Their debut album was really killer and it took me by suprise so I had to look these guys up.

Sure enough to my suprise they were from Austrailia which is a country that I found out later on has a lot of great metal musicians and bands Teramaze being one of many killer bands from the land down under.

Esoteric Symbolism really takes Teramaze to the next level in every aspect. The songs, production, and playing are a notch above their debut album which is what a band is supposed to do.....improve with each release. On top of that this album really hooked me even more so than the debut which in itself was a great record.

Teramaze really takes it to another level on Esoteric Symbolism and in my opinion makes a pretty big splash this year with this release. The album isn't out yet but they just started streaming the song "Punishment by Design". This is a great song but I have to tell all of you there are many more killer tracks on this album. Songs like "Transhumanist", "Esoteric Symbolism", Spawn, "In Vitro", the title track "Esoteric Symbolism" and "Parallels-Dual Reality" are some of the many highlights on this album. From top to bottom this is a great album, worthy of album of the month and possible candidate for album of the year and definitely a true gem in the prog metal genre.

If you were to ask me what these guys sound like honestly I couldn't give you an answer. As a vocalist I really love the vocal style of Brett Rerekura. He really brings the goods vocally and is a perfect fit for the style of songwriting these guys perform. Teramaze has their own sound all their own sound which in this day and age is definitely hard to come by. When people ask me what they sound like it's hard for me to really tell them. Sometimes I can hear the thrash metal influences in the guitar playing of Dean Wells, then his playing takes a few more turns you don't expect. Personally all 4 of these guys are outstanding musicians and this is a definite candidate for album of the year. Check them out and congrats to Teramaze for album of the Month of March 2014!

Teramaze Official Website: http://www.facebook.com/teramaze

Termaze Facebook Page: http://teramaze.com.au

Tony Webster 3/17/2014

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