1-14-2012 - Cage - A group of metal fans making music for all the right reasons

Hey Everyone!

Last night's show was a LOT of fun. It was great to finally be back behind the mic and kick off the new year! I want to thank everybody for their emails and compliments on the website, it is much appreciated and a lot of hard work went into making it. The site is not only to promote the show and the music but here for you the metal fan and listener and I am glad to be able to bring it to you guys.

I am setting out on a mission this year. I want to find some really good obscure talent and help promote them on this site. I have received a lot of submissions from so many different bands and I have found some good ones. It takes forever to listen to all of the material sent to me but

Last night was fun and we kicked off the year right as we featured a live interview with Sean Peck of Cage! Over the last couple of years I have interviewed Sean 3 times, twice on the show live. Sean is one of those people that I could seriously do an entire 3 hour show with and I wouldn't get bored talking to him. The guy is definitely an intense person and has a passion for this music.

Cage reminds me of a bunch of metal fans turned great musicians who do this because they love metal first and foremost. These guys not only have serious talent but as metal fans they really go all out for their fans and like to have fun doing it.

Just take a look at the booklet for the new album "The Supremacy of Steel" A great quote from Sean during the interview was "I Challenge anyone to go into their catalog and find a booklet that page for page is better than the one in our new album" and if I went to all of the discs that I own I couldn't tell you if any of them can compete with it. This CD booklet is one of the best I have ever seen. Now why would a band spend the money that they did for the packaging of this album? The answer is simple, they want to give the fans their money's worth. There aren't a lot of bands who would go through the trouble of doing this and this tells you all that you need to know about where their mindset is at.

Then we go to the new album "Supremacy of Steel". This is a fantastic heavy metal record. In fact I would go as far as to say this is their best album to date. Every album these guys get better and better and every year they seem to move up the list on my end of the year reviews. In fact they are the only band who seems to move up the rankings with each subsequent album they release. Here is the crazy thing too, I don;t think they are going to stop there. In fact, I think the next time these guys release an album it's going to be a monumental release which will define their music careers.

In closing I just have to say that it's always fun to have Sean on the show and I hope they come back here to Cleveland and play another show. Cage are a great band and I am looking forward to not only having Sean on the show sometime down the road but I am looking forward to future releases by them.

Well that's about it for now everybody. Again a great start to the new year and I am looking forward to getting things rolling this year!


Top 10 albums I have listened to this week

1. Pagans Mind - "Heavenly Ecastacy"
2. Iron Maiden - "The Number Of The Beast"
3. Cage - "Supremacy of Steel"
4. Leprous - "Bilaterial"
5. Ambeon - "Fate of a Dreamer"
6. Onslaught - "The Sounds of Violence"
7. Rage - "The Missing Link"
8. Helloween - "Keeper of the 7 Keys The Legacy"
9. Artillery - "My Blood"
10. Dream Evil - "United"